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  • "Justin's fan"
    Arthur is a huge fan of Justin B, and thus masturbates whilst looking at his picture. Alex is jealous and when he surprises Arthur, the little macho twink will put him in his place whilst spanking him and fucking him intensely.
  • "Orgy at the Malabar 1"
    At a party at the Malabar (gay bar in Nice France) minds and bodies heat up and in this very suitable setting of a sex club it doesn’t take much for it to turn into a huge orgy! 8 guys all intensely sucking and fucking.
  • "Orgy at the Malabar 2"
    For the second part of the orgy in Malabar (gay bar in Nice France), Alex, Arthur, Leo and Camille are fucking by turns while Xavier isolates with Theo in a dark room and the roles are reversed, the slim twinks is fucking the big beefy, before being joined by Camille.
  • "Paint workshop for twinks"
    Jerome can never keep a straight face on for a long time and while he is painting a door, it will shock his colleague when he paints a dick on the door. Did he want that ? He will want it… and he’ll want it deep! An awesome and expressive fuck between horny twinks.
  • "My very personal trainer"
    The young Camille, who decided to get himself beefed up a bit, is coached by his mate, Chris, a handsome virile man. During the workout, as he sweating more and more, the temperature is rising and the two athletes will soon start to kiss with power and passion.
  • "Any excuse is good to fuck"
    Camille consults the handsome doctor, Guillaume, to ensure that his penis piercing was not infected. But this is of course an excuse to get fucked on the examination table and he will not regret it.

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The little thief
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Fuck me in the haystacks
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Hammer me your nail
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