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  • "A lollipop for two twinks"
    Xavier and Gabriel, two adorable twinks meet up for an afternoon review and playstation, but the game quickly turns into a drag and sex… Blowjob, fingering, anal sex and a facial cumshot, still licking lollipops.
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    Steph Killer who plays an internship master on a twisted internship is often disarmed with the incompetence of the young Thomas and wondered how he could use him to serve himself better. Deepthroat and fucking seem like the answer.
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    This evening, Camille and Elias sleep together and before bedtime, the two young twinks have a pillow fight that will quickly bring them together and become an intense fuck.
  • "Young offenders"
    Due to being caught repeatedly for exhibiting themselves in public, the three twinks find themselves in custody. The warden is watching but this doesn’t prevent them from having fun and all three of them kissing one another.
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    The infernal couple of Brice and Jerome lead the shy Matthieu into a threesome without limits. In this show there is; a double dildo between the twinks, fucking in ‘ping-pong’, mutual blowjobs and rimming, not to mention the incredible fist fucking of Brice on Jerome (oww, that hurts!)
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    A threeway scene tailored to Camille who finds himself handled by two handsome, manly and muscular hunks who truly dismantle him. Power, sweat, energy and even a hint of rivalry between the two tops that both give their best.

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A vicious interrogation
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Anal rampage
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My first sex date
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The little thief
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Gay twinks videos Two guys for a greedy twink
Two guys for a greedy twink
24 min.
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Casting Valentin
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#18 Sexual roles inversion
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#17 Two dicks for Camille
19 min.
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#16 Cellar trip and submission
20 min.
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Discover "Friends & Buddies" our gay porn series produced in the United States and follow the story of two brothers and their band of crazy mates...
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