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  • "Bad victim"
    Yanis swore that he was innocent and he couldn’t stand being in the cold, wet cell any longer. He is desperate to get out as quickly as possible and will fulfil the request of the warden in order to do so.
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    The two young twinks who were playing peacefully until a fight breaks out between them. There’s all of a sudden whipped cream everywhere, and the fight will be resolved with some deepthroat and a final facial cumshot.
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  • "The guitar lesson"
    Sacha is teaching some guitar chords to Arthur and it’s totally obvious he isn’t very good, the situation quickly gets hotter when Arthur offers his tight ass to his teacher.
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  • "Torrent of fresh milk"
    While Gabriel is pleasuring himself whilst he is on his own in the barn, Sacha finds him and is soon to ‘help’ him out. Then Arthur, Xavier and Steph Killer, who all play as voyeurs, take part in the action.
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    Thomas and Jerome are having fun in the studio, doing all sorts of unusual and new sexual experiences, fucking in unusual positions. Theo and Guillaume find them and also join in with the exciting sexual games.
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  • "Twinks pillows battle"
    This evening, Camille and Elias sleep together and before bedtime, the two young twinks have a pillow fight that will quickly bring them together and become an intense fuck.
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